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University of Cyprus

Location: Athalassa, Nicosia, Cyprus


Client: University of Cyprus


Status: Pre-planning


Size: 4,000 sq m

A competition entry for a new Engineering Faculty building on the newly established educational campus to the south west of Nicosia city centre.


ESA architects configured three new faculty buildings around a new student ‘quad’ with a forth buildings acting as a central hub / information point plus deanery facilities.


The brief required labs, workshops and teaching facilities for the Schools of Civil, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering plus a School of Architecture also in the hub.


The configuration of the three buildings also provides wonderful views out towards the Athalassa Islands to the south and west of the campus thus connecting the project with its inspirational context.


The circular building at the heart of the scheme – that relates again to the new central public plaza – is home to the Deanery and the Architecture.

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