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Trento, Italy

Location: Ponte Arche, Trento, Italy


Client: Italian National Railways


Status: Shortlisted Bid


Size: 3 new stations & railway bridge

We have been invited to participate in this international competition to design a series of new-build railway stations and supporting infrastructure that will seek to extend the Italian national rail network northwards into the Italian lakes and Alps.


Working closely with Pini, the Swiss tunneling engineers, and Capita’s transport team in the UK, we prepared designs for three new overground stations with part of the brief focussing on deploying the stations as catalysts for localized urban regeneration within established urban communities along the route.


The design proposals provide a masterplan for the immediate station context with thought given to the formation of a ‘piazza’ and passive plots for future commercial buildings.


The plan also configures links from the station into the surrounding network of established urban centres. 

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