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Location: Staines, Middlesex


Client: Bell Hammer / LIM


Status: Completed 2014


Size: 8,000 sq m

The deep refurbishment of this existing office building in the centre of Staines has allowed the new building now known as ‘Strata’ to become a visually unique HQ building with over 80,000 sq ft of floorspace.


The existing building was a typical 1980’s office, developed originally as accommodation for a well-known brewery, with 3-storey elevations of glazed curtain walling and a distinctive horizontal brick banding punctuated by the solid brick staircases and lumpen pitched roofs.


Our approach was to radically change the dated external character of the building by removing the pitched roofs and heavy brickwork whilst only retaining the underlying structure, plinth and general massing.  


The horizontal configuration of the existing building provides the inspiration for the design approach and consciously eschews the usual “glass box” approach to commercial office design.

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