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Whiston General Hospital

Maudsley Hospital Redevelopment - De Crespigny Park Facade


Prescot, Merseyside


St Helens & Knowsley NHS Hospital Trust

Completed - 2010


80,000 sqm/ £220m


Our design for this complex existing site is based on the complete re-provision of all main clinical services, and wards through relocating A+E and all other clinical functions including Radiology into a single new building in order to provide a fully integrated and efficient modern acute hospital.

We have an innovative approach to ward design, which reconciles the privacy and dignity issues of consumerism with the need for staff observation, to provide flexible, staff and patient friendly, ward layouts.

In a facility of such scale, the interior design strategy was a particular challenge and critical to the success of the scheme. The repetition at each level, via both the radial circulation routes and wedge shaped departments gives the design the utmost flexibility; allowing departments to expand and collaborate to meet staffing needs and bed numbers. Accordingly, the interior design had to be flexible in its approach; being repetitive enough for staff to move easily between departments and for consistency in patient care. However, wayfinding in a building of this size was paramount and the use of large scale, easily recognisable graphics and letters at key points along circulation routes was implemented to allow visitors to site themselves.

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