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Ravensfield and Fenella

Maudsley Hospital Redevelopment - De Crespigny Park Facade


Hendon, London


London Borough of Barnet / Middlesex University

Planning Consented


384 student rooms,
28 keyworker homes,
830 sqm public library,
4500sqm Arts and Cultural building and associated community and retail spaces.


ESA have successfully achieved planning consent for the Ravensfield and Fenella scheme, part of the Hendon Hub development for LBB. Located on the Eastern edge of The Burroughs this new development will deliver a high quality, highly sustainable family of buildings for the University of Middlesex and the local community within an important local Heritage setting.

The scheme draws on the existing character of the Burroughs by giving each of the buildings within the scheme their own architecture according to purpose. In this way, the proposals extend the historic idea of a family of distinct but related buildings. The materials and details are designed to reference the heritage context, whilst avoiding pastiche providing a contemporary response to the civic nature of the site.

Central to the proposal is the creation of the new Public Library and open piazza space to the southern end of the site which will produce a new civic gateway to the vibrant spaces and places being created along the Burroughs. To compliment the Library our proposals, include a striking new Arts and Cultural building for Middlesex University. This significant scheme will also provide 384 accommodation rooms and associated facilities for Middlesex students alongside substantial community facilities, retail space and keyworker homes for the local community all set within an extensive landscaped setting.

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