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Pembrokeshire County Council Eco Park

Maudsley Hospital Redevelopment - De Crespigny Park Facade


Pembroke, Wales


Pembrokeshire County Council

Completion due 2024


9.3 hectares/ £20m


Pembrokeshire County Council's brief outlined the development of a multi-faceted waste facility, to be delivered over a number of phases;

Phase 1 - A Household Recycling Transfer Facility
Phase 2 - Vehicle / Staff Parking
Phase 3 - A Residual Waste Facility
Phase 4 - A Household Waste Recycling Centre

The development will process all varieties of standard domestic and commercial waste; reducing its carbon footprint through waste management and recycling, whilst increasing economic output in the region.

In addition to the operational requirements, the brief also placed an emphasis on diminishing the ecological impact of the scheme and considering sustainability within the design. Solar panels have been integrated on the roofs of the buildings, electric charging points have been provided for staff, visitors and operational vehicles, and site lighting has been designed to be sympathetic to wildlife - particularly birds and bats. A part of the wider public realm proposals, the perimeter hedgerows and trees have been retained to provide screening and environmental habitat.

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