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FERA Science Laboratory

Maudsley Hospital Redevelopment - De Crespigny Park Facade




FERA Science Ltd

Completed - 2022


150 sqm/ £0.5m


Fera Science Ltd commissioned Percy Thomas Architects to provide design consultancy services for the refurbishment of an existing unit at York Biotech Campus. Block 33, was converted into an Insect Research Unit. The laboratory has been designed to support pilot research projects, with the purpose of developing a novel and sustainable source of protein for animal feed chains via insect bioconversion.

The building has been designed to accommodate the equipment and processes associated with feedstock receipt and preparation, including; breeding; rearing; product processing; processing larvae and residue; and packaging, storage and dispatch. The facility comprises a series of controlled laboratory environments and general work areas. The temperature is moderated by air services plant situated on the roof of the proposed single-storey building.

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