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Coychurch Crematorium Extension

Maudsley Hospital Redevelopment - De Crespigny Park Facade


Coychurch, Bridgend


Bridgend Council

Ongoing - expected completion August 2023




Percy Thomas Architects were approached by the Client, Bridgend County Council, to develop proposals for the re-design of the dispersal cloister at the Crematorium in Coychurch. The current area struggles to provide sufficient covered waiting space for mourners leaving the chapel. The proposed enlargement will greatly improve the comfort and the efficiency of the cloister, and add a beautiful new space that will provide a suitable, uplifting conclusion to chapel services.

As it is primarily a shelter, the most prominent feature of the design is its roof. It is the design of the roof that provides the opportunity to create the distinct architectural language that will differentiate the new structure from the original building. The roof uses a very traditional 'vault' shape that is familiar from historic religious buildings of different faiths. The dome-like forms are known as 'handkerchief vaults', because they resemble a sheet held down at its four corners while the crown rises up in the centre. They are supported by hardwood frames which help to emphasis their shape. Whilst the dome forms have ancient precedents, they are built using distinctive contemporary construction techniques. The structure will embody the spiritual and modern characteristics of the original building, and whilst it compliments it -will be distinct from it.

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