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 Cheltenham Town Centre

Location: Cheltenham, Gloucestershire


Client: Salmon Harvester


Status: Completed 2007


Size: 10,000 sq m

This town centre site, formerly a Brewery, is split into two distinctly separate ‘character areas’ both of which lie within the Core Commercial Area and the Central Conservation Area of Cheltenham.


ESA and the design team have created a mixed-use environment which now forms an integral part of the town’s shopping experience and public realm. Accommodation provided includes shops, hospitality, offices and residential units.


One of the principal objectives for the development has been to repair the urban fabric in this part of the town and reconnect it to the High Street. 


Work included the refurbishment of part of the old listed brewery buildings and their incorporation into the scheme (retaining the Cupola Tower and Malthouse) which were seen as contributing to the Conservation Area. 

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