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Camden Stables Market

Location: Camden Market, London


Client: Stanley Sidings


Status: Completed 2010


Size: 20,000 sq m

What we see at the Stables Market today is the remnants of a vast Victorian rail and canal goods interchange that serviced London from the northern towns, then the heartland of England’s industrial production.


The Lock and Stables area was an increasingly complex interchange from rail to canal from the 1820’s onwards. The goods arriving by rail from the north were carried by horse, through a vast shunting yard that extended along the Chalk Farm Road up to the Roundhouse.


This unique setting has formed the context of the evolving street market for over 30 years and the new buildings are the first purpose-built structures on the site, the stalls having previously inhabited the retained nineteenth century warehouses and stables.


The new building was conceived as an ‘open flexible infrastructure’ that would allow incoming retailers to ‘modify’ and tailor the shops that slot into and around our provided superstructure.

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